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Assured Integrity

Compel your students toward trust – Show them you care about honesty


Perfect Integrity

Cheating is not even an option with CompelU – Help students be virtuous

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Fast Integrity

Our suite of Trust Management Systems work together to help your students from the first day of class

Let Us Compel Your Students to be Honest

Student’s are naturally inclined to cheat. Do them a favor – use CompelU

If you really care about your students you will use CompelU

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Predictive Profiles

Our systems have uncovered multiple identifiers for those with a propensity for cheating. Our systems scan your roster and warn you about who might be a problem on the first day of class

Plagiarism Detection

Good students care about their original work. Protect them from the cheaters who will rip them off

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Remote Proctoring

Exams are a wonderful way to assess students. Shield your students from the temptation of cheating with our algorithms